Solving Common Baby Health Issues With Expert Pediatricians

​Newborns are at their most precious and fragile stage of life, bringing joy as new additions to your family while also being at risk for common infant health issues. Call Touchpoint Pediatrics if you’re concerned your infant may be experiencing any health problems. Our pediatricians work with babies and will conduct careful evaluations of your child, diagnose any ailments and work with you to bring about a positive outcome.

Most Common Newborn Health Issues

Babies can be born with a variety of common health issues or develop them within the first few weeks of life. Most are not cause for undue concern and can be addressed quickly through expert medical intervention. Some particular illnesses to watch out for include:

  • Thrush
  • Cradle cap
  • Colic
  • Jaundice
  • Diaper rash


Thrush is an illness that develops because a baby is exposed to yeast during or shortly after birth. Thrush causes irritations around and inside your child’s mouth and can cause white patches on the inside of their cheeks and on their tongues. A simple antifungal treatment is often the answer, and it takes only a short time to resolve thrush once intervention occurs.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is extreme flakiness along an infant’s scalp. Sometimes it can develop into unsightly scaly flakes that are white or yellow. Some less extensive occurrences of cradle cap can be solved by using gentle shampoos at home, but when an infant’s whole head is involved, a pediatrician can step in to prescribe a medicated lotion or a prescription shampoo.


If your child seems to be crying nonstop for long periods of time, they may be suffering from colic. A common health issue for newborns, colic can be concerning because of how miserable infants sound. Contact Touchpoint Pediatrics to ensure no underlying digestive or internal issue is causing your baby’s discomfort. If other causes are ruled out, our pediatricians help you amend your feeding, swaddling and cuddling schedule to limit your child’s experience with colic.

Contact The Experts In Newborn Pediatrics
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