Young mom playing with baby on bed at home Being a new mom can be exciting, new, and fulfilling. But it can also be stressful and confusing. With the right new mom resources, you can be better prepared for everything that motherhood brings. In turn, this can help to ease stress and anxiety and can give mothers the support they need to thrive. Touchpoint Pediatrics is a pediatric office located in Chatham, New Jersey, that puts patient care at the forefront. We ensure parents are educated and well-informed on the physical and mental health status of their child, taking the time to assist parents in their journey. Find advice for new moms at Touchpoint Pediatrics.

Baby Skin Care

A baby’s skin is soft and delicate, and new moms want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Newborns should have gentle baths two or three times per week. But once their umbilical cord falls and heals, you can begin giving them traditional baths in a bathtub. New moms should use slightly warm water and baby soap that’s free of fragrances to ensure gentleness on the skin. Babies should only be cleaned off in dirty areas, like folds in the skin and private parts.

Diapers should be changed frequently to avoid rashes, and babies should be kept out of the sun. Sunscreen application cannot begin until your child reaches six months. In addition, new moms should look for signs of cradle cap, a condition that creates scaly, patchy, or crusty skin on the scalp, face, or private areas. While the cause of cradle cap is generally unknown, it can be easily treated through proper care.


Circumcisions are typically completed for babies up to one month old. Choosing to circumcise your baby can be a difficult choice to make. On the one hand, it can potentially ensure your baby’s health in the long term. On the other, you may not see it as a necessary procedure. Whichever you choose, you must make the decision that feels right to you. Many resources for new moms can help them in their choice.


Reflux is a normal process that babies go through. It occurs when your baby spits up their food or liquid after ingesting it. Reflux usually stops by the time your baby reaches 18 months. If the baby is healthy and still receiving the nutrients they need, there is no need for parents to worry about frequent bouts of reflux.


Babies’ sleep schedules can be unpredictable in the first few months of motherhood. This is because they can become hungry, fussy, or uncomfortable at any time of the day or night, potentially leading to crying fits. Every baby is different in their sleeping schedules. While some can sleep many hours a day, others may wake up every one or two hours. As a new mom, this can become challenging to deal with. However, tracking your baby’s sleep patterns and learning about their needs can help to predict general wake-up times.

It can also alert new parents when sleeping schedules disrupted by crying fits can become a problem. For example, some babies can have colic, which describes babies who frequently cry for days and weeks for no apparent reason. Colic can arise in babies at about six weeks old, and it can last until they are about three to four months old. New moms should seek out the right help and resources, especially when they have a baby with colic. This can help them deal with the struggles and stresses that come with being a new mother.


Breastfeeding can be a very rewarding process for new moms. It allows bonding with their baby and learning new things about motherhood. However, breastfeeding can also come with certain difficulties, like getting the baby to latch. You must remember that this is a new experience for both of you, and you to be patient. The importance of breastfeeding involves giving your child the chance to learn essential motor skills. During this time, your baby is learning how to swallow, latch, and suck, which are necessary functions in life. Having patience and getting the support needed can help to ease anxieties. As important as breast feeding is, it is not for everybody. Some new mothers have difficulty breastfeeding for various reasons. Touchpoint Pediatrics is available to support and advise new mothers on breastfeeding and alternatives.

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