Prescription Refill Policy

Your cooperation with this procedure allows us to provide you with the highest quality clinical care and service.

At Your Visit: 

Please bring a list of your child’s medications. Be sure to include medications from ALL doctors you see.

Please try to have your child’s ongoing prescriptions refilled at the time of his or her appointment, if you will need more before the next appointment.

In general your provider will give you enough medication until you are due for your next appointment.

Phone or Online Refill Requests:

If your prescription bottle indicates you have refills left, you do not need to contact our office. Contact your pharmacy and they will refill it for you; be sure to give the pharmacy adequate time to fulfill your request. If there are no refills remaining at the pharmacy, you can ask your pharmacist to contact us for refill authorization.

If you do not have any refills left, please notify us at least three business days before your prescription runs out.

In order to provide the highest clinical service to you, we will review your medical record to determine if a follow-up visit or medication adjustment is needed before refilling the prescription at the pharmacy of your choice.

Please have the following information readily available at the time of the request: (Have your medication bottle in front of you.)

Your child’s name and date of birth
The name and spelling of your medication
The dosage of your medication and how often your child takes the medication.
The name and location of the pharmacy of your choice
Name of prescribing doctor

Prescriptions will generally be sent electronically to the pharmacy within one business day of your request. Please note that if there are questions, this could cause a delay.

Routine refills are handled during the weekdays. Routine requests received on the weekend will be handled by the office the following business day.

Please check to make sure that we did, in fact, prescribe the medication. On occasion, patients will call in for a refill of a medication prescribed elsewhere. We don’t refill medications we haven’t prescribed.

In order to have your child’s medication refilled, your child must be up to date on his or her routine well visits. If your child needs an urgent refill and he or she is not up to date with his office appointments, we will refill your prescription for a week or two if an immediate appointment is not possible, as long as it seems safe to do so.

In the event of special medications that require ongoing “med check” office visits (e.g. ADHD medication), it is critical that your child is up-to-date with these regularly-scheduled “med check” visits. We will NOT refill such medications if your child is behind on their med checks. Therefore, please be sure to plan ahead and schedule these med check visits well in advance, so there is not a last-minute rush.