Is Your Child Sick?

The website, KidsDoc Symptom Checker, administered by the American Academy of Pediatrics, offers reliable advice and excellent guidance on a variety of pediatric symptoms, including illness and injury.  If you are not sure whether an urgent after-hours phone call is warranted, we would encourage you to check this website for general advice.  As always, rely on your common sense above all else, and if you are ever seriously concerned about the health of your child, call us or visit the nearest emergency room immediately.

For excellent articles and summaries about a wide variety of childhood illnesses and injuries, check the Health Issues section of the website

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Also, the following two office handouts might be helpful:

When Your Child Has a Fever (including Acetaminophen / Ibuprofen doses)
Caring for the Child with Gastroenteritis (Vomiting/Diarrhea)

If you need to reach us to discuss your child’s illness, please see our Contact Us page for information on how to reach us both during and after office hours.

Does my child need antibiotics?

Antibiotics are very important and helpful medicines for certain infections.  Specifically, antibiotics work only for bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, strep throat, most ear infections, and persistent sinus infections.  Antibiotics are not at all helpful for viral infections, which are the cause of the majority of childhood illnesses, including most fevers, runny noses, coughs, and sore throats.  Furthermore, inappropriate use of antibiotics will give your child unnecessary side effects and will contribute to resistant bacteria.  When your child is sick, our pediatricians will help you determine if your child needs an antibiotic.  See the Center for Disease Control’s antibiotic information page for more details.