Child Healthcare Resources for Parents in Morristown, Summit, Berkeley Heights, Hoboken, and Beyond

Preparing for a baby and welcoming a newborn into the family are joyous times for new parents. The decision to provide for and nurture a child is a privilege that comes with a great deal of responsibility. No matter how thoroughly parents or guardians prepare, it’s normal to still have questions.

Located in Chatham, New Jersey, Touchpoint Pediatrics provides top-quality care to our patients and their families. To do so, we aim to educate new parents and guardians with resources regarding their child’s condition, treatment, or overall health. Discover more about our helpful resources for new parents and all parents in Hoboken, Morristown, Summit, Berkeley Heights, and the surrounding areas.

Available Online Resources and Information

When questions or concerns arise about their child’s well-being, new parents need answers quickly. In-person appointments with our team of board-certified pediatricians may not always be an option. Touchpoint Pediatrics is happy to provide a wide range of online resources that parents and guardians can consult whenever they need to.

Our online resources entail evidence-based information from reputable sources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (the U.S. governing body of pediatricians). Parents can utilize our online resources to receive information on a variety of relevant topics, including:

In addition to reputable websites, our online resources include e-magazines and apps for added convenience for parents and guardians.

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The Importance of Education for New Parents

At Touchpoint Pediatrics, we educate new parents to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. Our goal is to provide new parents with credible resources to improve their self-esteem about parenting.

Parenting education promotes positive parenting practices by increasing your knowledge of child development. Our resources are intended to help new parents achieve the following:

  • Improve the health and well-being of children
  • Enhance parent-child interactions
  • Improve parental mental health
  • Increase positive parenting practices

Additional Information

Once a child becomes a new patient at Touchpoint Pediatrics, parents or guardians can access key elements of their child’s health records via our HIPAA-compliant Patient Portal. New parents can review our forms and policies to receive additional details regarding patient information.

Touchpoint Pediatrics is a proud affiliate of several reliable and trusted nearby hospitals. Our staff works together to best serve the needs of all patients. Our affiliates are as follows:

In cases where laboratory testing is required for a diagnosis, Touchpoint Pediatrics offers an in-house phlebotomist for your convenience. We also refer patients to Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp.

If ever an emergency occurs, parents or guardians should call 911 or take their child to the nearest emergency room right away. To find the nearest Poison Control Center, call 1-800-222-1222.

Turn to the Trusted Pediatric Team at Touchpoint Pediatrics

New parents seeking trusted resources about their child’s health and other important parenting topics should turn to the award-winning team at Touchpoint Pediatrics. Aside from offering a range of age-appropriate health and wellness resources for children, we are committed to providing resources for new parents to equip them with the answers they need.

Founded by Dr. Jennifer Shaw, M.D., F.A.A.P, one of the first board-certified developmental and behavioral pediatricians in the country, Touchpoint Pediatrics is an independent practice and is recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a patient-centered medical home at the highest possible level.

We offer a wide range of resources for parents and guardians to turn to at their convenience. Additionally, at least one Touchpoint pediatrician is available 24/7 by phone to provide urgent medical advice.

New parents throughout Chatham, Morristown, Summit, Berkeley Heights, Hoboken, and beyond wishing to learn more about our available resources should contact us today.

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