Mother sitting with baby on her lap with thermometer in hand Pediatric care is paramount to ensuring the well-being of children and plays a significant role in their lifelong health. When unexpected sicknesses and other health ailments arise, finding timely treatment is a top priority for parents.

Located in Chatham, New Jersey, and serving families throughout Morristown, Summit, Berkeley Heights, Hoboken, and beyond, Touchpoint Pediatrics has board-certified pediatricians who provide attentive and personalized health services to children who require urgent care. Discover more about the pediatric urgent care services we offer.

Our Pediatric Urgent Care Services

A child’s health is unpredictable. Newborns are especially prone to unexpected illnesses because their immune systems are still developing. Therefore, parents or guardians need access to reliable care for their sick child.

At Touchpoint Pediatrics, pediatricians are available to patients 24/7 for both urgent and non-urgent needs.  You always have a medical professional or pediatrician available to address your medical needs.

Additionally, to remain accessible and meet the needs of our patients, we are available on the weekends and holidays. This dedication to serving our patients sets Touchpoint pediatricians apart from other pediatric practices in Chatham and the surrounding area.

Parents with concerns about their child’s or newborn baby’s health can speak to a board-certified Touchpoint pediatrician at any time. We make sure that at least one pediatrician is always available by telephone. Non-urgent messages are checked promptly every 60-90 minutes until 10:00 pm. If you have an urgent medical condition afterhours and need to speak with one of our pediatricians, please call us and leave a message on our emergency line and you will receive a call back shortly thereafter.

Urgent Care Services vs. Emergency Center

When a child becomes ill, it’s very easy for a concerned parent to want to take them to the emergency room right away. However, an emergency room is not always the best solution for pediatric health ailments. Because of the volume of patients that emergency rooms typically have, overcrowding has become a major concern. Very often, emergency rooms are operating at or above capacity.

When it comes to the health of your child in nonemergency scenarios, it’s best to seek comprehensive care from a Touchpoint Pediatric doctor. At Touchpoint Pediatrics, patients and their families can expect the following:

Expertise in Pediatric Care

Touchpoint Pediatrics fosters an environment of personalized care. Our team offers comprehensive pediatric care services to ensure every child has access to the care they need. Each Touchpoint pediatrician offers a unique medical perspective, and all deliver quality care to serve your family during urgent situations.

Comfortable Environment

Emergency rooms and other urgent medical settings can be just as overwhelming and more for young children as they are for adults. To help children feel more comfortable and ease any anxiety, Touchpoint Pediatrics provides a calm and supportive medical environment to alleviate child and parent stress.

Treatment for a Wide Range of Conditions

Touchpoint Pediatrics offers urgent care for a wide range of medical concerns that affect pediatric patients. Common ailments we treat include:

  • Sprains and other related injuries
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Flu symptoms
  • Respiratory infections
  • Bronchitis
  • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea
  • Earaches
  • Minor burns
  • Allergic reactions
  • Small cuts that require stitches

In Case of an Emergency

Touchpoint Pediatrics offers a variety of resources to help parents decide if their child is sick and whether their child’s ailment warrants an emergency room visit. In the event your child is facing a life-threatening emergency, we insist parents either dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Additionally, we advise calling Touchpoint Pediatrics’ emergency line as soon as you can to notify the doctor on call to help guide you through your medical emergency.

The closest hospitals in the area are:

  • Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, NJ
  • Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ
  • Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ

Parents who believe their child has ingested something toxic should contact the nearby Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. Contacting poison experts is imperative because every poison is different. Trained specialists can offer treatment advice depending on the ingested substance and amount.

Turn to Touchpoint Pediatrics for Urgent Care

When you’re concerned about your child’s health and need access to pediatric urgent care services, turn to the dedicated team at Touchpoint Pediatrics in Chatham, New Jersey. Our team of board-certified pediatricians offers quality urgent care services to treat a wide range of medical conditions. We provide patients with 24/7 accessibility to ensure we meet their medical needs. If medically necessary, we will open our doors after hours, during the weekends, and on holidays.

Touchpoint Pediatrics is committed to providing skilled care to all families in Morristown, Summit, Berkeley Heights, Hoboken, and beyond, and is currently accepting new patients. To learn more about non-urgent and urgent care services, contact us today.