Pediatrician with parent and baby at doctor appointmentAccess to quality health care is crucial for babies’ development, growth, and capacity to reach their full potential as adults. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended babies receive checkups shortly after being born, three to five days after birth, then again at 2 weeks, and at 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 months. Based in Chatham, NJ, Touchpoint Pediatrics is here for parents and families throughout Hoboken, Morristown, Summit, Berkeley Heights, and beyond. Learn how our team delivers high-quality pediatric care for babies during these meaningful visits.

Days After Birth

Once you and your baby leave the hospital after birth, a visit will be required within the first week. Even perfectly healthy babies need to see a pediatrician, ensuring no complications occurred within the first week of life. During this visit, one of our pediatricians will monitor your baby, measure their growth to ensure they are receiving the required amount of nutrients, and examine the baby. Throughout the exam, pediatricians look at basic functions such as:

  • Reflexes
  • Hip stability
  • Alertness

1 To 2 Months After Birth

At the time of your baby’s 1-month and 2-month exams, they should be able to hold their heads up, smile at others, look around at things, and coo. One of our pediatricians will perform all the basic tests needed to ensure your baby is healthy, such as:

  • Height and weight measurements
  • An assessment of your baby’s behavior
  • Physical exam

3 To 4 Months After Birth

Now, you will notice your baby is getting bigger and starting to develop a personality. By 4 months, most babies will respond to your affection, can hold their head steady without support, begin to make facial expressions, and enjoy interacting with people. This is also the time for them to receive another checkup. At this doctor visit, once again, one of our pediatricians will perform the standard tests to monitor your baby’s progression. In addition to these routine tests, babies may receive another blood test to look for signs of anemia or other blood-related diseases.

5 To 6 Months After Birth

Around your baby’s half birthday, they are beginning to really develop their personality and engage in interaction. At this age, most babies will be able to identify familiar faces, respond to their name, roll over in both directions, and bring objects to their mouth with both hands on their own.

During your baby’s six-month doctor’s visit, they will receive the standard tests to track their development. Other tests one of our pediatricians may perform at this visit include:

  • An oral exam if your baby’s teeth are growing in
  • A computerized photo optic vision screening

7 To 11 Months After Birth

When your baby is around 9 months old, they most likely can begin to stand with support, make sounds, and sit by themselves. During their appointment, they will receive the common exams, but it will now be time for a more formal developmental screening. During this screening, one of our pediatricians will ask you general questions about your baby’s behavior and interactions with your baby. The purpose of this exam is to ensure your baby is developing and learning basic skills at the proper rate. If the baby is potentially prone to having developmental issues, one of our pediatricians may require more frequent exams to monitor their behavior. In addition, if your baby hasn’t yet received an oral exam, they will receive one at this checkup, as well.

12 To 18 Months After Birth

During this time frame, your baby will have checkups at 12, 15, and 18 months, where one of our pediatricians will continue to study their growth and development. They may undergo another blood test to determine if blood-related illnesses are present along with lead testing. In addition, an oral exam to look at tooth growth. At 18 months, physicians typically look for signs of autism through an autism screening. If one of our pediatricians encounter certain behaviors, we may recommend counseling programs that can aid in your baby’s development.

How New Patients Can Get Started

Prior to your first visit at Touchpoint Pediatrics, we ask new patients to fill out a patient registration form for each child. Parents/guardians have the option of transferring their child’s records to us by downloading our patient transfer of records form, completing it, and sending it to the child’s previous pediatrician. Our team will handle the rest for you.

Located in Chatham, New Jersey, we serve families with children of all ages residing in Hoboken, Morristown, Summit, Berkeley Heights, and beyond. For more information on our pediatric care, please contact us today.