Pediatric Flu Vaccinations

Getting the flu is no fun. Unfortunately, influenza affects many people of all ages each year. Children tend to become infected more often than adults; young ones below the age of 5 are at an especially high risk of contracting the infection. The best way to protect yourself and your children from the virus is to receive a yearly flu shot.



The Flu And You

Commonly referred to as the flu, influenza is a viral respiratory infection. Symptoms of this virus are typically more severe than those of common cold and can include fever, chills, aches, weakness, sore throat, vomiting and loss of appetite. Many of these symptoms will dissipate between five days and two weeks. The flu is transmitted when those that are an infected cough or sneeze the virus into the air. Left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems like pneumonia. Since flu season occurs from October to May, receiving a flu vaccine prior to these months allows the body a greater chance to build up sufficient immunity.

Safe And Effective Flu Shots

Anyone can contract the flu, however, annual flu vaccination can help protect against the virus. Recommended for everyone over 6 months of age, a flu shot introduces flu viruses into the body. The body reacts to this antigen by producing antibodies that will build immunities toward the virus. Although flu shots do not guarantee immunity, they are highly effective. Those who receive a flu vaccination and still contract the flu often have fewer, milder symptoms.

Child Flu Vaccines

Touchpoint Pediatrics is prepared to provide children and their families with the flu vaccine. Our nationally recognized center is committed to offering kind and compassionate medical service to children throughout the Chatham, New Jersey, area. No parent wants to see their child suffer the aches and pains of the flu. We invite you and your young ones to visit our office for a complimentary consultation to discuss taking the steps necessary to prevent the flu. Don’t wait until flu season; trust annual flu shots from Touchpoint Pediatrics to protect your family.