Chatham, New Jersey, Children Medical Care Provider

​One of the most important things that parents have to do for their child is finding the right pediatrician in New Jersey who they can trust. From selecting a new pediatrician during your pregnancy to finding a pediatrician who better fits your needs, it can be hard to discover the right match. Touchpoint Pediatrics invites you to check out our services to help you determine if our office is the best match for you and your family.​

Wellness and Sick Appointments
One of the biggest problems that parents have with medical care is dealing with appointments. When looking for the right pediatrician in New Jersey for your newborn or growing family, you want an office that can accommodate your needs. That’s why our office offers wellness and same-day sick visits.

Very Open Hours
We do our best to schedule your appointment around your needs by keeping our office open after others close. We understand that you may need an appointment later in the day. We also offer Saturday appointments. Our pediatricians are on call 24/7 and will see you in the office by appointment on Sundays and holidays, so you can rest assured that you can get the knowledgeable advice for your child when you need it, no matter when.

We Take Walk-ins
When you think of taking your sick child to a medical care provider without an appointment, the first thing that comes to mind is urgent care or emergency room. We do have a walk-in policy. While we urge you to make an appointment, we understand that critical situations may come up that may not seem severe enough to go to the ER but are enough to need to be seen soon; call our office first to see the next available appointment. Please keep in mind that there is an additional fee for the disruption of the schedule, and this may or may not be covered by your insurance.

Vaccine Policy
We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and CDC guidelines for vaccinations and do not accept new patients who aren’t vaccinated to protect our more at-risk patients. We do allow for modified schedules for parents who wish to adjust the vaccine schedule, but a child must be fully immunized by school age.

Ready to find out if Touchpoint Pediatrics is the right pediatrician in New Jersey for you and your family? Contact us today to find out about our complimentary “Meet You” appointment where you can get to know our providers and staff. We welcome your call.