Mother and son sat on couch talking to doctor

Many children suffer with ADHD — attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They may have problems concentrating at school or may have been labeled as difficult students by their teachers. At home, you may notice that your child has become moody or undergone other personality changes. At Touchpoint Pediatrics, we can walk through an ADHD evaluation with you and your child to see if they match the diagnostic criteria for this disorder. Then you can begin working to find behavioral and medication solutions to ease the burdens of ADHD your child has been experiencing.

ADHD Evaluation Criteria
Careful screening for ADHD is necessary before a diagnosis can be made because the symptoms can overlap with many other different conditions. Additionally, the range of characteristics associated with ADHD is broad, and two different children can both have ADHD but behave in very different manners. When we perform ADHD evaluations here at Touchpoint Pediatrics in Chatham, we approach each patient individually. Even so, some symptoms are typical in most ADHD patients, including:

  • Inattention: The inability to focus or pay attention for longer than a moment at a time
  • Hyperactivity: The compulsion to be in constant motion and bounce between activities
  • Impulsivity: Poor decision control and being prone to making rash decisions

When your child presents with these symptoms and more, we can examine them as well as all other relevant behaviors to determine whether ADHD is an appropriate diagnosis.

Chatham Pediatricians Experienced in Developmental and Behavioral Health
The pediatricians at Touchpoint Pediatrics are experienced at detecting and diagnosing common childhood ailments, including ADHD. Our administrator and owner, Dr. Jennifer Shaw-Brachfeld, F.A.A.P., was one of the first pediatricians to obtain board certification in developmental and behavioral health in the United States. You can count on her expertise, and the advanced experience of her Chatham-based colleagues, to provide the care your child needs.

Contact Touchpoint Pediatrics’ Chatham, NJ office today to schedule an ADHD screen test. Simply dial 973-665-0900 from anywhere in Central New Jersey and we’ll help you get an appointment to have your child evaluated. The sooner you can reach a diagnosis, the sooner treatment can begin.