Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, Touchpoint Pediatrics is happy to offer online virtual video visits (telemedicine) with our doctors through either your computer or smartphone. While there are some conditions that these visits are useful for, they do have certain limitations. By choosing an online virtual visit, you are understanding and accepting the following Terms and Conditions.

The window below contains the entire Terms and Conditions. However, if you wish to download the PDF version (for printing, for example), please CLICK HERE.

Before your telemedicine visit with the doctor, try to have some of your child’s basic vital signs available to give the doctor during your visit:

1. Your child’s temperature, as well as the type of thermometer you used
2. Your child’s heart rate, if you are able. This is the number of heart beats per minute. Usually the easiest way is to place two fingers on your child’s wrist, below their thumb. Apply gentle pressure until you can feel a slight beat against your fingertips. Count how many beats you feel in 15 seconds. Then multiply that number by 4 to determine your child’s heart rate, which is measured in beats per minute.
3. Your child’s respiratory rate, or number of breaths per minute. Again, usually easiest to count the number of breaths your child takes in 15 seconds, then multiply by 4.
4. Your child’s weight. If your child is not old enough to step onto a scale alone, a good trick is to measure your own weight first, then the weight of you holding your child, then subtract your own weight from that total.

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